AMC Developing Adaptation Of Owen And Stephen King's 'Sleeping Beauties'

After giving the series a pilot script commitment last year, AMC revealed during the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour that they're moving forward with their adaptation of Stephen King and Owen King's novel Sleeping Beauties.

Deadline reports that the series is currently on AMC's development slate and it'll be executive produced by the Owen and Stephen King, and Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta for Sugar23.

"I’m tremendously excited to see ‘Sleeping Beauties’ brought to life in a format that will allow the story to be told as it was meant to be told, in all its mystery and drama," Stephen King had said when the series was announced last year.

Sleeping Beauties is set in a small Appalachian town, there’s a strange mystical occurrence that causes all the women to fall asleep, leaving the men to try and rescue them. But do the women want to be rescued?

"We’re looking for highly original visions and voices as we think about how AMC Networks evolves. The projects in development both on the Entertainment Group side and at AMC Studios all embrace people with singular and surprising points of view," said Sarah Barnett, president of AMC Networks Entertainment Group and AMC Studios. "We will prioritize creative risk-taking that doesn’t rely on the shock and awe of sheer size, but instead delivers the surprise and delight of brilliant storytelling in our quest to stand out with human-scaled brands in this dynamic and changing content environment. There is so much phenomenal talent to discover and so many new, different, electric stories to be told."


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