Mahal Empire's 'Bloodthirst' Sinks Its Teeth Into Lofty Indiegogo Campaign Goal

This year, the sky's the limit for the brothers Mahal, the producers behind the wonderful Art of the Dead (read my review). Their zombie film Bridge of the Doomed is in post-production, after a successful Indiegogo campaign. The trailer for their alien invasion horror Attack of the Unknown looks to be a wild ride by any galaxial standards.

Now, Mahal Empire is looking for backers for what they tout will be the “best vampire film of 2020.” Bloodthirst will be directed by Massimiliano Cerchi, and stars Tara Reid, Richard LaSardo, and, announced most recently, Costas Mandylor, the sadistic Detective Mark Hoffman from the SAW franchise. The Mahals describe the intended look of the film as “30 Days of Night meets Blade,” indicating that while there will be plenty of action, the tension and suspense won’t be lacking either.

The Indiegogo campaign for Bloodthirst has about two weeks left, but it has already busted its $100,000 goal. As of this writing, the campaign is up to $138,220, with the next stretch goal coming at $140,000. Michael Mahal is also closing in on raising a grand total of $1 million in crowdfunding dollars, after which he has promised he will write a book about crowdfunding, and how to help fellow producers and investors navigate the process.

Several projects under the Mahal Empire banner are due out in October, and if Art of the Dead was any indication, the Las Vegas team could be in for their best filmmaking year yet.

If you'd like to learn more and/or contribute (while also scoring some awesome perks), head on over to the Indiegogo campaign page today!


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