Ozzy Osbourne Teams With Elton John For "Ordinary Man," Album Delayed Until February

Ballads are nothing new for the Prince of Darkness. But if the teaming up with Post Malone that happened last year threw you for a loop, then this latest track from Ozzy Osbourne may send you veering off-course. As the latest taste of Ozzy’s upcoming Ordinary Man, the title track sees the iconic Elton John lend his vocals and piano skills to another song full of self-reflection. In the song, Ozzy insists that he “was unprepared for fame,” as he reflects on his fifty-plus years in the music industry, and every legendary tale of excess that played out along the way. At the end of the day, he “didn’t want to die an ordinary man,” and hell, even if he went tomorrow, he would be remembered as anything but ordinary.

I swear to the metal gods, if he drops the day after I write this...

With the release of this track comes some dubious news, as the album, originally anticipated for the end of January, is now slated to drop on February 21. The album is turning out to be classic Ozzy, between the Black Sabbath-style riffing on "Under the Graveyard," the no-frills rocker “Straight to Hell,” and the piano-heavy title track. The album, produced by Andrew Watt, sees Duff McKagan and Chad Smith join Watt as Ozzy’s backing band.

Hear “Ordinary Man” below!


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