Suicide Silence Release Crushing New Track "Two Steps"

Suicide Silence are coming for the jugular of deathcore fans the world over, as evidenced by the previous three tracks they’ve unveiled ahead of their next release Become the Hunter. As if the instrumental “Meltdown,” the groove-laden “Love Me to Death,” and the blood-soaked “Feel Alive” weren’t enough evidence of such, the band has let loose “Two Steps,” a taunting mosher in which singer Eddie Hermida boasts “I’m two steps away, so why don’t you kill me?”

As is par for the course in deathcore, the breakdown section is bound to lead to some busted skulls come live performances of the track. The liberal use of the wah pedal in some of the lead sections makes for a sense of impending doom, while the down-tuned grooves and slugging riffs brought by guitarists Mark Heylmun and Chris Garza are downright brutal.

The band is looking to return to form, after their fifth self-titled album divided critics and fans alike three years ago. With four of the eleven tracks planned for Become the Hunter released, it appears as though the band is doing what they can to show the fans that they’re back to business this time around, and given those four tracks, they’ve done just that. Come Valentine’s Day, Become the Hunter comes out, and from there, time will tell if the deathcore mainstays can take back their rightful place.

Listen to “Two Steps” below.

Become the Hunter comes out on February 14th via Nuclear Blast Records.


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