DevilDriver's Upcoming Double Album Is Complete And Due Out This Year, Says Singer Dez Fafara

The California Groove Machine is back with a vengeance. Last Friday, Devildriver singer Dez Fafara announced via social media that the double album that the band was working on was complete, and has been handed off to their record label. Steve Evetts is on as producer once again, as he was for the band's 2018 outlaw country covers album Outlaws Till The End, Vol. 1.

While no formal date has been announced for the album's release, the goal is for it to come out this year. If so, the reported two-year effort will follow Outlaws Till The End, Vol. 1, and will be the first original material from the band since 2016's Trust No One. This will mark the longest gap between studio albums since Trust No One, which came three years after Winter Kills in 2013.

This news comes as a welcome positive, given the recent departure of Devildriver from the Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary tour, following wife Anahstasia Fafara's battle with melanoma. Having a completed album, much less a completed double album, means there will be loads of new groove metal by this time next year.


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