In This Moment Debut New Single "The In-Between," New Album 'Mother' Gets March Release Date

In This Moment The In-Between Video

I can feel a holy war…

Early Wednesday morning, In This Moment gave fans their first taste of their upcoming seventh album, Mother. “The In-Between” is the first new song from the New York-based alt-metallers since 2017’s smash hit album Ritual, and the band is coming in all manner of hot with this one.

Lyrically, the song is in the same vein as Ritual’s “Half God Half Devil,” as singer Maria Brink points to the duality within her:

“I’m gonna bring a little hell,

I’m gonna bring a little heaven”

At the same time, no less than four of the band’s previous singles in the chorus alone. The line following the above two goes “with your blood and your whore,” naming two singles from the 2012 breakthrough record Blood. The second half of the chorus calls upon Beautiful Tragedy, the band’s 2007 debut album, and “Sick Like Me,” the first single from their 2014 disc Black Widow.

Brink has shown her love for her mother through her lyrics previously, but here, and of course through the name of the upcoming album, Brink pays tribute to her by honoring the strength she imbued and instilled in her, resulting in Brink’s affirming in the second verse that “I’m fucking worth it.”

Mother will be available on March 27th, and pre-orders are live now. The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. The Beginning

2. Fly Like An Eagle

3. The Red Crusade

4. The In-Between

5. Legacy

6. We Will Rock You (feat. Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen)

7. Mother

8. As Above So Below

9. Born In Flames

10. God Is She

11. Holy Man

12. Hunting Grounds (feat. Joe Cotella of Ded)

13. Lay Me Down

14. Into Dust

Watch the video for “The In-Between” below!

In This Moment Mother