Official Title for Upcoming 'SAW' Film May Have Been Leaked

Spiral: From the Book of Saw Title Revealed

Just under four months until its release, the title for the upcoming SAW film may have been let out unintentionally. Across social media, the film has been called its working title, The Organ Donor. Recently, the title Spiral: From the Book of Saw has been thrown around the Lionsgate website and Mongrel Media, and this would fit right in with reports from producers and others attached to the film, with regards to how this new iteration will fit into the eight-film series.

Somehow, with production having wrapped back in August, the gory details of this film have been as under wraps as they have, with only a handful of cast members announced. 

As of this report, Tobin Bell has not been announced for this next film in any capacity, be it new footage or flashbacks. That in mind, it’s worth noting that director Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW II through SAW IV) returns to helm the film, and Josh Stolberg will return to writing duties, which he had for the previous installment Jigsaw.

Even if the title hasn’t been made official by Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures, or anyone attached to the project, it implicates a lot of possibilities for the material. And while Chris Rock has promised plenty of blood and gore alongside what he calls “a sprinkling of humor in there,” there’s enough of the tried and true SAW team to make sure that the decade and a half of work that has gone into the previous eight films will be recognized with this new offering. 

This new entry into the legendary SAW franchise is due out on May 15th, and sadly, there is still no trailer for this film. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to get a new taste of the blood to be spilled.