'Psycho' Fan Film 'Mother' Takes Place A Decade After Hitchcock's Classic [Video

If you recall, a week or so ago we shared with you a batch of images from filmmaker Chris Notarile's latest project titled Mother, a Psycho fan film that fills in the gap between Alfred Hitchcock's original classic and its 1982 sequel. Well, the film has since made its YouTube premiere and we're very excited to present it to our readers!

In the film set ten years after the horrific events at the Bates Motel, "Norman wakes up inside a mental asylum with no memory of how he got there. Now, in order to get out, Norman must confront his worst nightmare, his mother!"

"I decided to set this story as a halfway point between the 1960 original film and the 1982 sequel," said Notarile. "I love both films, but we never actually see how Norman gets healthy enough to be released from the insane asylum. So my goal was to specifically show that."

He adds, "Finding the perfect Norman was definitely the toughest challenge,” he adds. “I had to find a rail thin actor, who bared a vague resemblance to Anthony Perkins, who also had decent acting chops. Per usual, I scoured the internet and eventually stumbled onto Chris Bostrom. And lucky me, not only did he physically fit the bill, but he also was a good actor as well….. AND a huge fan of Psycho."

The short stars horror scream queen Debra Lamb as "Mother", Chris Bostrom as Norman Bates, and Tom Proprofsky as Dr. Raymond.

Check out the pitch perfect and insanely impressive Mother below!


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