[Trailer] 'The Horrific Evil Monsters' Team Up To Face An Unrelenting Force This October

Horrific Evil Monsters Trailer

388 Studios and Macrocosm Productions have released the first official teaser trailer for The Horrific Evil Monsters, a superhero take on the world of horror icons wherein a zombie, an alien, a werewolf, a grim reaper, and an unstoppable masked killer are commissioned by a secret government agency, code name T.H.E.M.

"The Horrific Evil Monsters is led by a mysterious man named Mick as he recruits some of the most hazardous horror and science fiction characters of all time to take on a biblical unrelenting force that brings the apocalypse with them."

The Horrific Evil Monsters' cast is led by Bishop Stevens ("Empire", "Chicago PD"), Gregory Blair (Garden Party Massacre, Deadly Revisions), scream queens Kaylee Williams (Mrs. Claus, Teacher Shortage), and Jennie Russo (She Kills, Fang), as well as horror icon Jason John Beebe (Ombis: Alien Invasion, Crossbreed) with a special appearance by Dawna Lee Heising.

Adam R. Steigert directs the film from a script he co-wrote with Kristin Steigert. Phill Beith (Fang, A Grim Becoming) serves as special effects artist on the film, taught by the legendary Tom Savini School of Arts.

It's also worth mentioning that once the production wrapped on principal photography, The Horrific Evil Monsters made a charitable donation of over more than a 2000 pieces of clothing, featured as set dressing in its entirety to two local homeless outreach programs, Friends of Night People and Hearts for the Homeless. The attire from shoes, t-shirts, pants, and various other clothing items and directly impacts those in need in Western New York.

The film is targeted for a limited October release, followed by a 2021 festival run. Check out the film's teaser below!