3TEETH Goes Wild In The Wasteland With "ALTÆR" Music Video

As one of the masters of the craft as far as industrial metal is concerned, 3TEETH have spread their sociopolitical criticism and critique across three studio albums. Their latest effort, METAWAR, was by far one of my personal favorite albums of 2019, with ripping tracks such as “Affluenza,” “PRESIDENT X,” and their take on Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” Read my full review to get every last drop of my feelings on this banger of a record.

The band recently released a music video for “ALTÆR,” which lyrically dissects organized religion and all of its shortcomings. The video sees the band in a Mad Max dystopia, presumably following the opening phases of what the band calls “Operation Mindfuck,” or OMF for short. Between the desert scenes and the live performances, which appear to have been shot at Wasteland Weekend. The scenery and imagery make for a show-stopping music video, and give visual life to one of the underappreciated gems of their latest studio work.

The band is about to embark on their European tour this Saturday, February 1st. In the middle of March, the bands North American tour, which they will co-headline with Carnifex, kicks off. Even though METAWAR just came out last July, I already cannot wait for the next musical offerings of 3TEETH, and I especially can’t wait to see one of their live performances on this latest tour.

See the video for “ALTÆR” below!


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