'Cannibal Hookers' Is The First Blu-ray From Donald Farmer’s New Video Nasty Label

A remake of Donald Farmer's 1988 cult classic of the same name, Cannibal Hookers has been announced as the first Blu-ray release from Farmer’s new Video Nasty label.

In the film, "As a sorority initiation, two girls have to pose as hookers, pick up two johns and bring them back to the sorority. All the while the sisters of the Zama Gata Bata are waiting to have a little fresh meat when they get there!"

Farmer, who brought us other cult classics like Vampire Cop, Savage Vengeance and Scream Dream, co-directed the all new take Cannibal Hookers with Caroline Kopko in celebration of the original film's 30th anniversary,

Cannibal Hookers stars Kasper Meltedhair (Hooker with a Chainsaw), Jessa Flux (Space Babes from Outer Space), Cacia Rose (Mom and Dad), Roni Jonah (Shark Exorcist), Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman and many more!

The Blu-ray features two vivid covers fans can choose from. Cover A (left) is by Italian artist Giampaolo Frizzi and Cover B (right) is by acclaimed Arrow video cover artist Graham Humphreys.

If you'd like to order a copy, send a PayPal payment for $19 plus $3 shipping to actress Jessa Flux at undressjess@gmail.com.


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