Eli Roth To Produce 'Clownpocalypse' Horror Franchise For 3BlackDot

Eli Roth Clownpocalypse 3BlackDot

Cabin Fever and Hostel director Eli Roth is set to unleash a Clownpocalypse, Deadline reports. The franchise umbrella will invade virtually every form of entertainment outside of the written media.

The site notes that the "360-degree horror project," produced by Roth and financed by 3BlackDot, "will encompass a feature film, video game, live event, short-form series, and merchandise."

3BlackDot’s website describes the story behind Clownpocalypse: "When a tech genius CEO with a dark hidden agenda releases a massively popular social media photo filter, millions of attention obsessed users are mutated into psychotic clowns. A group of young delinquents go on a horrific journey to take down the CEO behind the madness, and restore the world to its normal kind of crazy."

Philip Gelatt (Netflix’s "Love, Death + Robots") will write the screenplay. A director is currently being sought out with production expected to begin later this year.

"I’ve had an amazing time collaborating with James Frey and the incredible team at 3BlackDot. From concept to art to the game play, every step of the way, no idea has been too crazy, and they’ve executed it at the highest level," Roth told the site. "For years I’ve had people tell me ‘You can’t do that in a game, it’s too insane’ and I finally found partners who said, ‘Let’s take this a step further.’ It feels like we’re making a game, movie and live experience with no parental supervision or studio to tell us to tone it down, and that’s the only way to create something spectacular and memorable. This will be a big, fun, scary event for gamers, movie fans, and people who love live events. The Clownpocalypse is coming. Get ready."

Roth and Frey will produce, alongside 3BlackDot President Reginald Cash, Mitchell Smith and Zennen Clifton.