Moris Blak And Static Starlight Offer Earth-Shattering Remix Of Poppy's "Bloodmoney"

Poppy Bloodmoney Remix Moris Blak Static Starlight

Why do you believe when no one is around?

Poppy shook up the music world with her latest album I Disagree, with the cover art’s black metal imagery and the chugging metal riffs starting and stopping in between bubblegum pop sections. In one fell swoop, the YouTube star drew in fans of metal, industrial, and pop music with her post-genre stylings and grand musical vision.

“Bloodmoney,” the third track from the album, is thumping, aggressive, and instantly hummable. The detuned guitars and pounding bass practically beg for a remix to be done, and fortunately, Static Starlight and Moris Blak tag-teamed just that, and it will, as the song orders, make you “beg for forgiveness from Jesus the Christ.”

The remix doubles down on that rattling bass from the original, making for a rumbling offering of industrial bass. Given what we heard from Moris Blak with his incredible debut album The Irregularity of Being (read my review), I’m not surprised by this remix, and that is far from a bad thing. It’s a mid-tempo smasher and a killer remix.

Check out the remix by Moris Blak and Static Starlight below.