[Trailer] 'EvilvEvil' Teases First-Person Shooting And "Ultracool" Vampires

EvilvEvil Announcement Trailer

Enad Global 7, a new global interactive entertainment group and its subsidiary, have this week made the announcement of a new co-op first-person shooter with a vampiric twist, titled EvilvEvil.

The first project from Toadman Studios of the EG7 group, EvilvEvil is described as "a slick vampire shooter," and will be supported by publisher Sold Out, and creative agency Petrol Advertising. The game will feature "a player-directed, continuously updated storyline," and its cast of characters will include "ultracool vampires with a heavy dose of attitude and other monstrosities."

The current release window is set to be end of 2020. More information on the game will be released at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, which runs from March 16th to 20th.

The title also has an official website, and while it's pretty barebones at the moment, it's sure to be a great source of updates in the coming months.

Check out the stylish teaser trailer, along with an Enad Global 7 company announcement video below!