Neo-Feminist Horror Short 'Love You To Death' Is A Cannibalistic, Tale Of Love And Revenge

Love You To Death Short Elizabeth McCafferty Indiegogo

Not only is it one of the best songs from Brooklyn's drab four, Type O Negative, Love You To Death is also the title for an upcoming horror short from director, writer, actress, and producer Elizabeth McCafferty, which is currently funding on Indiegogo.

Love You To Death is described as a dark and twisted look into the world of relationships and the trust we put into them.

In the film, "It’s 1998 and Jackie is tired of the same old tragic love stories. She is not prepared to let Ryan leave without paying the price for his infidelity and so embarks on an all too familiar journey of revenge. Excuse after excuse, Jackie has heard them all but when Ryan fails her tests of faithfulness she turns his world inside out..."

"Fearlessly complex, Jackie submerges the audience in a cannibalistic paradise and asks the question, do those who dare really win?"

McCafferty and her team are looking to raise £11,700 ($15,269) towards the production of Love You To Death. We urge you to head on over to the campaign page to learn more and pitch in. Your contribution will not only help this short be the best it can be, but will also support up and coming emerging talent.

Below you'll find a teaser trailer that was filmed on zero budget, as well as a video introduction to the project with McCafferty.

Love You To Death Poster Elizabeth McCafferty