[Trailer] George Hardy's 'Troll 2' Character Appears In Throwback Film 'Trolls World

Claudio Fragasso's 1990 cult hit Troll 2 is, hands down, one of, if not the "best worst movie" of all time, and that film's character Michael Waits, played by George Hardy, will appear in the upcoming Trolls World. Today, Rue Morgue has shared some details and the official trailer for the film.

Eric Dean Hordes directed the German-made throwback film under the titles Goblin - Das ist echt Troll and Under ConTroll, and it'll be hitting the States with the aforementioned title that's very similar to this year's animated Trolls World Tour.

The official synopsis reads: "Packed with special effects and multi-dimensions, Trolls World follows an evil troll who is accidentally brought back to life and is out for revenge for his 700 years of suffering. He possesses the body of a young woman and sets his sights on unleashing an army of trolls to take over the world."

The film's cast also includes Helmut Krauss, Katy Karrenbauer, Jirí Lábus, Désirée Nick, Cecilia Pillado, Nadir Sisman and Billie Zöckler.

As a fan of Troll 2, I can totally see myself enjoying this flick. It carries and old school Disney Halloween film vibe, much like that of Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus and Ernest Scared Stupid.

Check out the trailer and two alternate titled posters below. The English poster can be seen on Rue Morgue's website.


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