Static-X Releases Teaser Clip Of Unreleased Song "Hollow," Featuring Vocals By The Late Wayne Static

Updated: Mar 6

The proprietors of evil disco, Static-X, have released the first clip of the long-awaited unreleased recordings featuring the late frontman/guitarist Wayne Static. While the new re-recorded version of the band’s classic “Push It” is a great track, part of the allure of the upcoming Project Regeneration is the promise of unreleased and never-before-heard recordings which will feature the band’s namesake, who passed away in 2014.

Thus we now have a clip from “Hollow,” a track which originated during the sessions for the band’s 2005 effort Start a War. According to bassist/backing vocalist Tony Campos, “Wayne and I never felt like the music on the original demo was fully realized.” He goes on to add that “the vocals sounded great,” and so the vocal track was lifted for the new recording. Drummer Ken Jay praised the finished product, assuring that “Wayne would be really happy with what we’ve done with the music.”

The teaser video, which is making its rounds on YouTube, shows the band, with new frontman Xero, playing the new track, until cutaways go to a skeleton with Wayne Static’s infamous spiked hairstyle, as the would-be Wayne lip-syncs the vocal lines.

Is it lip-syncing if the skeleton has no lips?

In the second half of the video, the dates for the second leg of the Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary tour scroll by not once, but twice, while the re-recorded “Push It” plays over it. The tour is hitting the UK, Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and North America this fall, so if you missed the first round last year, fear not.

The release date for the new Project Regeneration album is also plugged, as May 29th will see the disc hit stores. In addition to Xero, Campos, and Jay, original guitarist Koichi Fukuda will play on the new album, restoring the original lineup for the band, less Wayne himself.

Check out the “Hollow” teaser clip below.

UPDATE: The full track has now been released and can be found below the teaser.


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