Danny Trejo Surpasses Christopher Lee As Hollywood's Most Killed Actor

Danny Trejo Most Killed Actor

Danny Trejo killed a whole lot of people on screen in both of the Machete films, but just how many times has the fan favorite actor met his cinematic death throughout his career?

Well, in a very interesting Movie Mortality infographic, researched and created by the folks at Buzz Bingo, it appears Trejo has broken a record of sorts when it comes to the amount of his movie deaths!

Compiled using info from Cinemorgue and IMDb, the infographic shows that Danny Trejo has died on screen more times than any other actor in history, with 65 film and television deaths in total! And if Buzz Bingo's research is correct, that means Trejo has overtaken the legendary Christopher Lee for that record, with Lee only five deaths behind.

As surprising as it may be to see Trejo at the top of the list, it's not so surprising that the names of many familiar horror and sci-fi stars, including the aforementioned Christopher Lee, can be seen in the top ten.

Lance Henriksen follows in third place with 51 movie deaths, followed by Vincent Price, Dennis Hopper, and Boris Karloff tied at 41. Making up the rest of the top ten are John Hurt (39), Bela Lugosi (36), Tom Sizemore (36), and Eric Roberts (35).

Some of Danny Trejo's most memorable on-screen demises include death by Charles Bronson in Death Wish IV: The Face of Death, death by Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween and death by anaconda in, well, Anaconda.

Other films that he's died in include 3 from Hell, From Dusk Till Dawn, Predators, Desperado, Con Air, Heat, Bulletproof, Zombie Hunter, xXx, the list goes on and on over on Cinemorgue.

Buzz Bingo’s infographic also reveals that Shelley Winters (Lolita, The Poseidon Adventure) tops the list of "most unlucky actresses" with 20 movie deaths. There's also info on which actors are most likely to die multiple times in the future, cinema's deadliest years and much more. Be sure to check out the full results!

You can check out a pretty nifty little Danny Trejo death reel below.