Latest Episode Of Ellissinema Podcast Gets Experimental With 'The Freakmaker' On Blu-ray

The Freakmaker Ellissinema Podcast

Now available exclusively from DiabolikDVD, the Donald Pleasence-starring international cult classic The Freakmaker this week made the jump to Blu-ray. In the latest episode of Ellissinema Podcast, our own Sean Ellis dives into the bizarre take on Todd Browning’s Freaks from director/cinematographer Jack Cardiff (The African Queen, The Red Shoes).

As always, the episode is informative, detailed and filled with humor. Give it a listen below!

In the 1974 film, "Not satisfied with the pace of natural selection in driving evolution, a deranged botanist decides to create his own genetically engineered mutations! With the promise of using his experiments to “cure” them, Dr. Nolter (Pleasence) enlists members of the local freakshow to help him kidnap students from a nearby college to use as human guinea pigs!"

"Using the same techniques that he developed mixing the DNA of plants and animals, he begins crossbreeding plants and humans with unpredictable results. One by one his failed experiments are cast off to the circus until the freaks have had enough and seek their bloody revenge."

The Blu-ray includes 2 double-sided postcards featuring new and vintage poster art for the film plus a limited edition slipcover with a reproduction of the original, hand painted Art by Mike Tommyrot, inspired by the vintage European VHS cover Dr. of Evil and the art of Basil Gogos!

Additionally, the first 200 orders will also include a Limited Edition Soundtrack CD of Producer Robert Weinbach’s multi-award-winning film, Shiver.

Special Features Include:

  • New Scan from an archival 35mm print framed at 1:66

  • "How To Make A Freak" Featurette

  • Commentary with Producer/Writer Robert D Weinbach and actor Brad Harris.

  • Audio Interview with Jack Cardiff

  • Trailer and TV Spot

  • Still Gallery with Isolated Score

  • English SDH Subtitles

Order The Freakmaker on Blu-ray today at!

The Freakmaker Blu-ray DiabolikDVD

The Freakmaker Blu-ray DiabolikDVD