The "Tanker Bug" From 'Starship Troopers' Has Been Turned Into A Super-Sized Funko

The only good Bug is a dead Bug!

After giving Starship Troopers protagonist Johnny Rico the Pop! vinyl toy treatment last year, Funko has revealed they're bringing one of the film's Arachnid creatures to the line later this year!

As seen in the 1997 Paul Verhoeven-directed film, the "Tanker Bug," which resembles a giant beetle and plays the role of tanks/armors of the Arachnid forces, has the ability to spray a stream of flammable, corrosive liquid from its head.

The 6" super-sized Pop! will be an Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive. You can find more info on how to snag one of these for yourself over on Funko's blog.

This year’s Emerald City Comic Con runs from March 12th-15th, 2020.


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