'Bliss' And 'VFW' Director Joe Begos Heads Down To The Severin Cellar [Video]

In what's quickly becoming one of my favorite series on YouTube, Severin Cellar invites beloved giants from the world of cult cinema down into "the hitherto off-limits dank, dark recesses of the remote company shack to select and wax rhapsodic about their most treasured psychotronic transmissions from the Severin Films archives."

After Color Out of Space and Hardware director Richard Stanley kicked off the inaugural episode late last month, Bliss and VFW director Joe Begos journeys into the dingy depths to share his enthusiasm and knowledge on such cult classics as Combat Shock, Skinner, Dr. Butcher M.D., The Manson Family, Things and more!

Check out the episode below and be sure to like and subscribe to Severin's channel, because I want to see more of this series, dammit!

Begos' other films include The Mind's Eye and Almost Human, two of my personal favorites.

Bliss is currently streaming on Shudder while, the 80's action-star studded, VFW goes to theaters and VOD this Valentine's Day.


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