[Trailer] Retro-Style Horror Anthology 'Weird Fiction' Brings True Terror To DVD This May

Weird Fiction Trailer Wild Eye Releasing

I'll always admire filmmakers who can take a very limited budget and create a film that's not only impressive, given its monetary constraints, but also entertaining. Well, Weird Fiction appears to tick both of those boxes.

Filmed back in 2017 and 2018 for a mere $300, writer/director Jacob Perrett‘s throwback horror anthology is guaranteed to be a real treat for fans of films like Creepshow and Trilogy of Terror when it arrives on DVD May 12th from Wild Eye Releasing.

In Weird Fiction, "Tune in and DIE. The Collector's midnight Halloween special comes once a year. Sink your fangs into four tales of TRUE terror, each more horrifying than the last. Follow the story of a group of teens in search of a missing body, a babysitter's horrifying night, a vampire porn star, and two girls as they uncover what may be the end of the world as we know it."

The film stars Taylor Rhoades, Isabella Rodriguez and Mackenzie Anthony.

Described as "a love letter to '80s horror," Weird Fiction definitely wears its retro-style aesthetics on its cinematic sleeve, this is very apparent in the trailer, which can be viewed below.

Perrett is currently working on his next feature Spine Chiller, a Halloween-set horror anthology.

Weird Fiction DVD Wild Eye Releasing