'A Werewolf in England' Images Showcase 100% Practical Creature Effects

A Werewolf in England Images Production Wraps

Dark Temple Motion Pictures has just wrapped up filming on their biggest production to date, a Victorian-era werewolf action-horror film titled A Werewolf in England. The film, from writer/director Charlie Steeds (An English Haunting) promises 100% practical effects, and we've gotten our hands on some images that back up that claim.

Check out the coolest looking werewolves since Dog Soldiers below!

In the film, "In Victorian-Era England, a Parish Councillor and criminal take refuge from a storm, at a remote countryside Inn. Forced to stay the night, they soon uncover a deadly pact between the strange Innkeepers and the flesh-hungry werewolves that inhabit the surrounding woodlands... now, as the werewolves close in, the guests must band together and fight tooth and nail to survive the night!"

The film's crew built the vast set of a two-floor gothic Victorian Inn and shot on location in Cornwall UK.

The ensemble cast includes newcomer Reece Connolly, Dark Temple regulars Tim Cartwright (The Barge People), Natalie Martins (After Dark), Jessica Alonso (After Dark), Mark McKirdy (The Barge People), Rory Wilton (An English Haunting), James Swanton (After Dark), Emma Spurgin Hussey (An English Haunting) and Barrington De La Roche (Escape From Cannibal Farm). Derek Nelson (After Dark) and Sam Lane (Winterskin) played the werewolves.

A Werewolf in England is currently in post-production and is expected to arrive on DVD later this year.

Stills photography by Natalie Martins.