A24 Acquires the Rights to Animated Comedy-Fantasy "Hazbin Hotel"

Upon its release just before last Halloween, "Hazbin Hotel" took the internet by storm. Following Charlie, the princess of Hell, on her journey to rehabilitate those who have ended up on the wrong side of the afterlife, the pilot allowed Vivienne Medrano, known as Vivziepop, to showcase her animation for a wide audience. Since its release, the video has attained over 41 million views as of this printing, and on Friday, some huge news for the future of Charlie, Vaggie, Angel Dust, and the Radio Demon broke.

A24 announced in a tweet that they were “going straight to hell with Vivziepop,” assuring that "Hazbin Hotel" would be coming to TV soon. Medrano expressed her excitement for the project, retweeting A24’s announcement with her own comments.

While no word has come out on Medrano’s other animated series "Helluva Boss", the announcement of "Hazbin Hotel" being picked up by A24 is massive. "Hazbin" joins the studio’s stacked television lineup, which includes "At Home with Amy Sedaris" and the wildly popular "Euphoria". Add to this the merchandise-moving power that Medrano’s work has had pre-television deal, and "Hazbin" could reasonably be the next major adult animated series.

Check out the pilot on Vivziepop’s YouTube channel: