Accept Delay 'Too Mean to Die' Release, But Compromise with "Zombie Apocalypse" Visualizer Video

Due to issues with the production of the physical release, German metal pillars Accept have had to push back their newest album Too Mean to Die two weeks to January 29th. As the heavy music world waits with bated breath, following the swaggering singles that are “The Undertaker” and the album’s title track, the impeccable Germans have given us something to tide us over till the issues plaguing the release are resolved.

Though titled “Zombie Apocalypse,” the song is not about the actual living dead, but rather is a commentary about modern society’s overreliance on technology, and therefore the “zombies” such tech turns its users into. The track is riff upon riff, with vocalist Mark Tornillo using an “ugly” singing voice that both snarls and soars at a moment’s notice. It’s a shot in the arm as only Accept can provide, and makes for a fun, faster offering from the forthcoming disc.

Check out “Zombie Apocalypse” below, and pre-order Too Mean to Die here: