Accept's New Album is 'Too Mean to Die,' As They Call Upon "The Undertaker"

Bring out your dead!

German heavy metal legends Accept are still going strong, even without their iconic singer Udo Dirkschneider at the helm. The band that brought us the headbanging classic “Balls to the Wall” has their sights set on a new album, revealing the title Too Mean to Die and calling their shot for a January 15, 2021 release via Nuclear Blast Records. This will mark the band’s sixteenth studio album, and the first as a sextet, after the addition of once-touring guitarist Philip Shouse as the band’s new third guitarist.

As a first taste of the record, the band has released a single, “The Undertaker.” While not a direct tribute to the recently-retired WWE legend, the case could be made for those not paying attention. The track is classic heavy metal to its core, from its four on the floor groove, clean guitar verses and hard rock swagger in the chorus. The gang vocals make for a men’s choir vibe that adds an omen of danger and uncertainty to the track, as the bridge sees a great guitar and bass interplaying interlude before the solo break.

The band has also made available a 7” single for “The Undertaker,” with a B-side of a live version of “Life’s a Bitch” from a 2019 performance in Finland. It can be ordered via the Nuclear Blast store, with European shoppers will have the option of gold or marble vinyl, while US shoppers can get their hands on a red vinyl.

See the music video for the rocking single “The Undertaker” below: