Adam Wingard Will Direct Sequel To John Woo's 'Face/Off'

Paramount Pictures has landed a huge name to direct their sequel of 1997’s gloriously overkill action/thriller Face/Off, as it was announced this week that Adam Wingard (You’re Next, Godzilla vs. King Kong) will helm the picture.

While it seems like making a movie twenty-four years after the original would make that new film a remake, it has been made clear that this will not be a remake or reboot, but a direct sequel to the face-swapping tale. Though the original starred Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, they will reportedly not be returning for this installment.

Wingard will write the script with frequent co-conspirator Simon Barrett (You’re Next, The Guest), with Neal Moritz producing and David Permutz as executive producer.

Does this film need a sequel? I didn’t think so, but given the big budget Adam Wingard got to play with for the new Godzilla film (a reported $155M), it will be interesting to see what he can do with a nice chunk of Paramount change. For those playing at home, the original made $245.6M on an $80M budget. That said, the original had the legendary John Woo at the helm, so there’s no doubt that Wingard has huge shoes to fill.

And in case you're seriously unaware of this mad gem of a film, check out the trailer for the original Face/Off below: