Aesthetic Perfection's Latest Single "Automaton" Has Taken Over The Charts Across the Globe

Aesthetic Perfection are now a quarter of the way through their project for the year: a single a month for twelve months, with the prospect of a full album by year’s end. Following the down and dirty “S E X” and the reflective, pop-oriented “Party Monster,” AP have released “Automaton,” an industrial rock jam with an electronic bite and plenty of guitar shenanigans.

Not to mention the thumbnail for the YouTube video gives off mega Kraftwerk vibes. Tell me you look at that and don’t hear the opening lines to “The Model” in your head.

For this, AP mastermind Daniel Graves once again called upon the six-string skills of Sebastian Svalland (PAIN, Lindemann, et al), as well as the producing and mixing talents of the legendary Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Fear Factory, et al). The result is a tight track that will destroy a dance floor, with enough hard rock sensibility about it to satisfy those who like a bit more metallic tendencies in their EBM.

This feels like a good time to remind everyone that Graves is a completely independent musician. He does not have a label or PR people to answer to, as he handles all music-related business under his Close to Human imprint. This knowledge makes the staggering success of “Automaton” that much more incredible to see, as within about 48 hours of the track’s release, it sat around these positions on the lauded “charts”:

Congratulations to Daniel on a barnstormer of a single, and who knows? By year’s end, the Californian-cum-Austrian producer might have multiple number one songs under his belt, and in the current state of the music industry, that’s no small feat. Listen to and/or purchase “Automaton” below: