AEW Composer Mikey Rukus Revels In The Brokenness of "Ghost Town," Featuring Matt Hardy

Rukus! I knew you’d come!

All Elite Wrestling’s resident music maker Rukus is hitting the ground running in 2021, not just with creating new themes for various AEW talents, including a recent symphony tribute to the late Mr. Brodie Lee, but with his own music, some of which has to do with wrestling, while other tunes do not. His latest effort though, “Ghost Town,” premiered on the New Year’s edition of the web series Being the Elite, led by wrestlers such as The Young Bucks, Brandon Cutler, and The Dark Order.

The music video for “Ghost Town” was directed by Reby Hardy, the wife of the one and only “Broken” Matt Hardy, who stars in the video for his own periodic entrance music. As he descends into the madness of his broken brilliance, Matt is confronted by Rukus in various sections, who sings/growls the lyrics right in his face, almost imploring Matt to embrace the darkness of his Damascus persona, who is seen with his signature wild-eyes mastication and DELIGHTFUL lunacy, particularly on a drum set sat in front of him.

Produced by Zardonic, the song is something of a nu metal revival, with emphasis on the metal. The main riff is chugging and full of pinch harmonics, while the verses deliver low, talk-sung vocals with a calculated meter. Add in a wah-laden guitar solo and you have a recipe for a fun, catchy song, dark as its subject matter may be.

The track comes from Rukus’ new album Bring the Rukus, which just released this week. Totalling 12 tracks, this song, as well as the AEW Revolution remix of “Revelation” feature on this, Rukus’ first solo album since a pair of MMA-related music compilations in 2013.

Check out the video for “Ghost Town” below:


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