'After Blue (Dirty Paradise)' Brings Feverish Ecstasy to Select Theaters Next Month

Following its premiere at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Altered Innocence will release French filmmaker Bertrand Mandico's (The Wild Boys) sci-fi horror fantasy After Blue (Dirty Paradise) to select theaters beginning June 3rd.

You'll find the full list of theatrical screenings and the film's trailer below.

Described as an "erotic sci-fi acid western," After Blue follows a hairdresser and her teenage daughter on the hunt for a notorious killer.

"In a faraway future, on a wild and untamed female inhabited planet called After Blue, a lonely teenager named Roxy unknowingly releases a mystical, dangerous, and sensual assassin from her prison. Roxy (Paula Luna) and her mother Zora (Elina Löwensohn) are held accountable, banished from their community, and forced to track the murderer named Kate Bush down. Haunted by the spirits of her murdered friends, Roxy starts a long journey pacing the supernatural territories of this filthy paradise."

Vimala Pons, Agata Buzek, Pauline Lorillard and Michael Erpelding also star.

The newest vision from Bertrand Mandico, After Blue "plays like a lesbian El Topo (in space!) with stunning 35mm in-camera practical effects, otherworldly set pieces, and a dazzling score by Pierre Desprats."

Mandico explains, "After Blue (Dirty Paradise) is a futuristic fantasy, in a feminine world. A picaresque tale set on another planet, that of the imagination. In this film, the refusal of revenge resonates with the song of the spectres. The mother-daughter relationship is troubled by multiple and contradictory desires, solitude becomes a flamboyant abandonment and death a companion on the road. I wanted to weave an ode to cinema, an ode to actresses, a singular and universal adventure, borrowing from the western its trappings, from ancient tales their cruelty and from science fiction its lyricism."

Theatrical Dates:

  • 6/3 — Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Los Angeles (L.A., CA)

  • 6/3 — Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lower Manhattan (New York, NY)

  • 6/3 — Alamo Drafthouse Cinema New Mission (San Francisco CA)

  • 6/3 — Alamo Drafthouse Cinema South Lamar (Austin, TX)

  • 6/3 — Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Sloans Lake (Denver, CO)

  • 6/3 — Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Raleigh (Raleigh, NC)

  • 6/3 — Grand Illusion Cinema (Seattle, WA)

  • 6/3 — Sie FilmCenter (Denver, CO)

  • 6/4 — Nitehawk Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)

  • 6/10 — Gateway Film Center (Columbus, OH)

  • 6/10 — Cinemapolis (Ithaca, NY)

  • 6/10 — Suns Cinema (Washington D.C.)

  • 6/10 — The Dreamland Cinema (Sacramento, CA)

  • 6/11 — Alamo Drafthouse Winchester (Winchester, VA)

  • 6/11 — Stray Cat Film Center (Kansas City, MO)

  • 6/15 — Belcourt Theatre (Nashville, TN)

  • 6/17 — Metro Cinema (Edmonton, AB)

  • 6/17 — Plaza Theatre (Atlanta, GA)

  • 6/17 — Space Gallery (Portland, ME)

  • 6/17 — Center for Contemporary Arts (Santa Fe, NM)

  • 6/24 — Amherst Cinema (Amherst, MA)

  • 7/15 — Hollywood Theatre (Portland, OR)