Alice Cooper Partners With United Sauces for Three Killer Hot Sauces

He thinks you’re gonna like it.

The Godfather of Shock Rock Alice Cooper is breaking into the hot sauce game, so Heatonist and Hot Ones better look out. Ol’ Black Eyes himself is looking to take your breath away, as he has partnered with United Sauces for a trio of terrific hot sauces that may leave you picking up the bones and setting them on fire.

Says the man himself: “In general I don’t believe food should be painful. But in the case of my hot sauces it is PAIN, PLEASURE, PAIN, PLEASURE! Just repeat until satisfied!”

The three sauces, in order of mildest to hottest, are named after three of Cooper’s biggest hit songs. “Welcome to My Nightmare” fancies itself as a Southwestern sauce with serrano chiles and lime, with a hint of cumin for some extra kick. The medium heat “No More Mr. Nice Guy” uses aged red habanero peppers for a maddening mix of heat and flavor. And the reaper-level “Poison” sauce uses the dreaded Carolina Reaper peppers to bring even the most seasoned of spice lords to their knees.

The sauces are available individually, or as a three-pack. Order the Alice Cooper hot sauces at the United Sauces website.