Alice Cooper Releases Card Game "HorrorBox" To Haunt This Holiday Season

The OG shock rocker Alice Cooper just recently released a brand new song and announced a new album arriving in February 2021. As if that wasn't enough, Ol' Black Eyes has partnered with Fitz Games to unveil one of his latest projects, his new hilarious horror card game HorrorBox.

HorrorBox’s game play is similar to Cards Against Humanity, but focuses on horror films and books throughout the genre. There are even dare cards to change up the pace and add extra fun to the game! The base game, intended for ages 14 and up, runs for $25, though there are expansion packs available for $12.95 each. One such pack is an Alice Cooper pack, consisting of 40 cards written by the man himself. The complete set, which includes the base game and all the packs, is also available for just $99. This is perfect for playing with friends and family that love the horror genre, and gives them a chance to shine in their interests, macabre or otherwise.

To promote the haunted party game, Alice released a short but hilarious video promoting the new game that helped give such an aura to HorrorBox as he starts by saying, “Minions, you know me. I’ve never played games with you, until now…” Just after he gives HorrorBox a brief introduction, he says, “Let’s take a look inside!” while dramatically using his switchblade to cut the clear packaging. That alone is enough to make me want the whole set!

The game is available now via FITZ Games, and you can also see Alice's unboxing video for HorrorBox below!


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