Alice Cooper Releases New Single "Our Love Will Change the World"

Alice Cooper just released a new single, “Our Love Will Change the World”! Much like Alice’s other most recently released song, a take on The Velvet Underground's “Rock n Roll,” the new track is also a cover of a song originally done by Outrageous Cherry, an underground band from Detroit. Both of these songs will be on Cooper's new album Detroit Stories, due out on February 26, 2021 via earMUSIC. I remember when I heard “Rock n Roll,” I wondered and hoped if that throwback, vintage style would be on the rest of the album, and so far it’s looking like it is. I’m excited to listen to what other bands he showcases from his hometown. This is truly awesome and totally in character of Alice Cooper to do!

“Our Love Will Change the World” is an upbeat and unusually optimistic sounding new Alice Cooper song. Alice is singing with children through the whole song, and it even has a Christmas charm to it with the tambourine! It has a steady, simple beat with the pleasant tone from the guitar and soft bass. “Our Love Will Change the World” changes up more at the bridge just before the guitar solo. The guitar has a very clean tone and I love how the solo isn’t complex, but it really livens up the melody. I love the words “change the world” were clear as day to fully end the song.

Check out the lyric video for "Our Love Will Change the World" below:

Pre-orders for Detroit Stories can be found here.


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