Alice Cooper Releases "Social Debris," Written By His Original Band, On His Own Birthday

Late last week, Alice Cooper released another song from his upcoming album Detroit Stories; this one is special because it was one written by the original Alice Cooper band, including Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith. Not to my surprise, it’s my favorite release for this album yet! It’s an old song with a new sound, and Alice truly sounds better than ever at 73! For the first 24 hours, he had “Social Debris” for free to download.

The drums lay down the punches, and there’s a cool little intro before going into the main song. Alice sounds exactly as he did when they wrote this song in the 1970’s. The guitars shine with their vintage tone, and the drums are nice and steady with the bass. The video shows different broken down, deserted, and large buildings. They have an effect of having Alice singing on the buildings, and the Alice Cooper eyes back drop you usually see at an Alice Cooper concert!

Who else misses concerts?

Make sure to get your copy of Detroit Stories on Feb 26th! Stream/purchase the new single here, and pre-order the full album here.

See the music video for "Social Debris" below:


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