Allegorical WWII Survival Horror Film 'Werewolf' Unleashes the Dogs of War in December [Trailer]

Following its festival run and theatrical/home video release in the UK and Ireland last year via Eureka Entertainment, writer/director Adrian Panek’s intense WWII survival horror/thriller Werewolf is finally making its way stateside this holiday season.

Werewolf is due to release on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD across North America on December 1st via Indiecan Entertainment.

In the film...

"Children liberated from a Nazi concentration camp have to overcome hunger, thirst and vicious attack dogs in abandoned mansion surrounded by the forest."

Inspired by real-life, historical events, Panek turns the nightmare of the Holocaust into literal monsters. One-part survival horror, one-part wartime thriller with a dash of coming-of-age drama, Werewolf is described as "an unconventional, yet beautifully haunting contemporary dark fable."

Check out the trailer and release artwork below.