'Army of Darkness' Castle Kandar Map Coming to 'Evil Dead: The Game' This Summer

While it wasn't one of the playable maps when Evil Dead: The Game was released, the previously announced Army of Darkness-based "Castle Kandar" map is on the way as the first DLC for Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive's hit asymmetrical horror game.

Revealed today in an accolades video, the "Castle Kandar" map will arrive this summer, and best of all, it'll be free to all Evil Dead: The Game players! You can watch the video and preview some concept art for the new map below.

It's one of many groovy DLC updates Saber Interactive are working on for the months ahead, with Tim Willits teasing "additional content" will be added as a part of the same update.

Willits goes on to promise that the developer plans on supporting the title with fresh content for a long time.

"Inspired by the iconic horror, humor and action of the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Game brings the series’ biggest characters together in a pulse-pounding battle with the forces of darkness."

In the game, "Work as a team of four survivors, including Ash Williams, Kelly Maxwell, Pablo Simon Bolivar, Scotty, Lord Arthur and more, to kick Deadite butt and banish the vile Kandarian Demon. Or become the Demon yourself, using your powers of possession to stop the good guys dead and swallow their souls! Battle with more than 25 hard-hitting weapons and a variety of skill trees in multiplayer and bonus single-player missions to survive the night."

Evil Dead: The Game is out now now on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game has also been announced for future release on Nintendo Switch.

The game’s Deluxe Edition includes the Season Pass 1, featuring "The Classics Bundle" and 3 upcoming DLC packs.