ARU Is "Fighting Hatred" With Smooth New Fantasynth Single

French synthwave label Lazerdiscs Records, who have brought us fun times with acts like Baldocaster and VanMahner, and writer Darren deToni does a fabulous job concocting original stories for the label’s releases. His write-up for the newest ARU single “Fighting Hatred” concludes with this hopeful statement:

“Fighting Hatred with 2020 vision and skills. Fighting Hatred with 2020 reasons. Fighting Hatred with 2020 is the year we turned around and said we don’t want hate no more.”

The song itself is a triumphant track full of lush synths and a careful, yet somehow easy-going groove about it. It’s on the hunt for the less desirable parts of our lives, and yet it isn’t trying to make too much of a scene about it. A gorgeous synthwave track handled with French touch and neo-disco hands, “Fighting Hatred” is a worthy song for fans of European electronic music. And with its creator Aru a seasoned producer, making music since the age of 14, his best music may still be ahead of him.

“Fighting Hatred” will be released on September 11th via Lazerdiscs Records. Stream and/or pre-order the track below:

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