Ascension of the Watchers Remind Us "The End is Always the Beginning"

Though his name may be more prominent in the news for his recent departure from Fear Factory, Burton C. Bell’s Ascension of the Watchers is still going strong, having just released their new album Apocrypha via Dissonance Productions. Previously, we looked at the first single and video from the album, the gothic-tinged “Ghost Heart,” and now, the trio has released a video for “The End is Always the Beginning.”

Says singer Bell about the track:

"Now, more than ever, my words are a true reflection of my mind. The End IS Always The Beginning is a true statement, in every aspect of life, it all depends on the individual perspective.

The video for The End Is Always The Beginning, created by Victor Hugo-Borges, is another surreal snippet into AOTW. The meaning is unique for every listener, and viewer. There is no incorrect analysis. Take what you will from it. For me, this is the beginning of a whole new chapter, and this song validates my personal strength to truly understand what it means to move forward."

Hugo-Borges also created the video for “Ghost Heart,” and the similarities between the two are there, though this clip takes a cut paper approach to the animation, whereas before Hugo-Borges used what appears to be claymation. On the track itself, “The End is Always the Beginning” dives deeper into the progressive rock category, with world-building synths and some of Bell’s best clean vocals to date. The song evokes memories of Nineties-era Dream Theater, with careful layers of clean guitars and the punch of the snare.

Apocrypha is out now, and can be ordered at these links for physical copies (North America or Europe) and via Bandcamp for digital.

See the video for “The End is Always the Beginning” below:


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