Bloody Horror Short 'Asking for a Friend' Gets Rid of a Dead Body [Video]

So hypothetically speaking - how do you get rid of a body? Asking for a friend.

With 17 wins and countless nominations including Best Original Score at Toronto’s Blood In The Snow Film Festival, Edelweiss Productions has made Kelsey Bollig’s award-winning dark comedy short Asking for a Friend available to watch for free on Gunpowder & Sky’s Horror Platform, ALTER.

Watch the entire short below.

In the film, "Blake and Q are childhood best friends, roommates, and well - soulmates. After a long day trying to maintain her "girlboss" status at work, Blake's one-track mind is solely set on the nachos Q has promised to make for dinner. In addition to the nachos, however, Q has also unexpectedly managed to kill someone in their apartment. Through a series of heavily graphic and hilarious situations, the girls tap into their inner serial killers and decide to handle the body themselves. Their naivete and inexperience leads to a weekend full of accidental drugs, Saran Wrap, and body that, for whatever reason, will not stop bleeding."

Asking for a Friend stars Victoria Lacoste, Jacqueline Bell and Clifton J. Adams. Canadian composer Nikko DeTranquilli wrote the soundtrack.

Considered to be one of the bloodiest films in the 2019 festival circuit, Asking for a Friend used over 60 gallons of fake blood, going mostly towards the now infamous blood rave and body dismemberment scenes.

In honor of the premiere, Edelweiss Productions has also made the song to the blood rave scene available for free download throughout the month of July. You can listen and download on both the Edelweiss website and Kelsey Bollig’s website.


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