Axeslasher Forge an Unholy Union With Sauce Leopard for "The Assgasher" Hot Sauce

Eat pizza. Worship Satan. Listen to Axeslasher.

Denver horror-thrashers Axeslasher (you may recall their song "Mark of the Pizzagram" from the opening credits of Jason Lei Howden's heavy metal epic Deathgasm) have teamed up with hot sauciers Sauce Leopard for the world's most menacing pizza topping, the aptly titled "Assgasher" sriracha sauce.

Sauce Leopard says the sauce is "perfect on a slice of pizza, in a Bloody Mary, or on the seared flesh of your enemies."

"Our goal when forming this unholy union with Axeslasher was to create the perfect sauce for an extra greasy slice of pizza," said Sauce Leopard's Shaun Goodwin. "We went to a few Axeslasher shows, sampled blood from 25 head-banging mozzarella fiends, added some garlic and chili peppers - and the Assgasher sriracha sauce was contrived. It now stands as the world’s best heavy metal hot sauce, gashing every ass in its path."

The Assgasher hot sauce is available for purchase singularly for $8.99 or as an unholy combo dubbed the "Dead Alive Special Sauce Edition."

The "Dead Alive Special Sauce Edition" bundle includes a bottle of The Assgasher and Axeslasher's Dead Alive, recorded live on December 7th, 2019 at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, on limited edition 12" vinyl for just $30! The sauce will be shipped immediately, while the Dead Alive vinyl will ship on or around November 11th.

Here's the catch, only 20 are available over on the Sauce Leopard website! So hurry up and grab yours today to unleash hell on your asshole just in time for Halloween!

Check out the arousing commercial for the mouth-scorching bottle of pure hatred below. Video by Kevin Clark, featuring "Stoke the Flames / Pit of Legends" by Axeslasher.

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