Baltimore Doom Metallers Yatra Debut Title Track from New Album 'All Is Lost'

Given how 2020 has gone, most bands would be forgiven if they took a mulligan on this calendar year and took this time to work on new material, in hopes of having plenty to tour off of come next year or beyond. For Maryland doom metal band Yatra, the name of the game is content. Back in January, the trio released their second album Blood of the Night, and not to be outdone, the band is set to let loose their third LP All Is Lost. The record is due out via Grimoire Records on October 9th, and to tide their faithful over, Yatra have unveiled their title track, having premiered it on Decibel earlier this week.

The song starts with a bit of a black metal fake-out, with tremolo picking galore over a building drum section. Before, the sludgy main riff kicks in as the end dawns upon the listener. Things get a bit prog as we get time signature changes at the drop of a hat in different sections, before the monstrous hook comes back in. All told, it’s a gravelly-voiced bastion of the end times, and with a title like “All Is Lost,” I should bloody hope it is.

Stream the title track “All Is Lost” by Yatra below: