Bandcamp Announces A Handful of Bandcamp Fridays for 2021, After Campaign's Roaring Success in 2020

Bandcamp is a music platform that allows for streaming and purchase of music, with a focus on independent labels and artists. On average, after taking out processing and service fees, approximately 82% of the total costs for music, merch, or whatever else makes it to the artist’s pockets. Despite this, the platform wished to do even more to support those using its services, and instituted Bandcamp Fridays on the first Friday of every month, starting in March, when many bands saw their touring hopes dashed because of. Well. Y’know.

Across eight Bandcamp Fridays, the service reports a total of over $40 million grossed from 800,000 unique users buying music and merchandise on these days, during which Bandcamp waives their share of any sales, bringing the artist’s share to around 93% of the list price, after processing fees and the like. With those kinds of numbers, Bandcamp has announced that the Bandcamp Friday program will continue in 2021.

There will not be one in January, but the scheduled Bandcamp Fridays are February 5th, March 5th, April 2nd, and May 7th. For more info on the program, check out While Bandcamp has made it easier to support independent artists anytime, Bandcamp Fridays are prime time for specials, deals, and rare releases, so if you’ve never partaken in one, we would strongly suggest doing so this next time.