Bea Brat and Coco X Embrace the "Sludge" In First Glimpse of 'SX3'

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: due to unforeseen circumstances, the previously announced EP SX3 is delayed for the time being. That said, our resident dissenter Bea Brat is not going quietly, as she has released a new track from the EP that will succeed Brat’s debut album Heavy Metal Princess.

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“Sludge” marks the second collaboration between Bea and Coco X, after the track “Back 2 Hell” at the end of last year. This sexually-charged track buzzes and thumps along, making “WAP” look like Sunday school. When the video opens on an undies-clad figure pleasuring themself to pictures of Bea Brat, you know what you’re in for, and it’s anything but wholesome. It’s dirty with a capital DIRT, leaving no punches pulled and no surface unsludged.

While the new date for SX3 has yet to be announced, this is a taste test of what is to come, pun completely intended. If you thought the material on HMP was NSFW, it appears as though Bea is only getting brattier, and at this rate, no one is safe.

Check out the unclean video for “Sludge” featuring Coco X below (WARNING: flashing lights):