Bea Brat and KILYO Present New Drag-Filled, Debaucherous Webseries "Doomsday"

Doomsday Bea Brat KILYO

Fair warning, if any coverage of the current COVID-19 pandemic is a little on the nose for you, this series may not be something you need in your life right now. Or maybe it is.

Bea Brat and KILYO, both of whom we’ve covered here on the site before, have teamed up for a new web series exploring the origin of an unnamed infection. DOOMSDAY features over a dozen drag artists including Gia String, Miss Representation, Betty Whatsherface, Samurai Lynn, and even KILYO as his alter ego Saranade.

Filmed at Daddy’s Bar in Columbus, OH, the series follows a group of local showgirls in all of their excess and over-the-top bad behavior. Following a bad bump in the bathroom, one of the girls finds herself changed forever, and it’s only going to get uglier from here.

The soundtrack for the first episode features Bea Brat’s “Paris Hilton Dead in Dubai” and Moris Blak’s “Druglicker.”

Watch the first episode below: