Bea Brat Announces 'SX3' EP Coming This February

Just in time for Halloween, the Anarchy Princess herself Bea Brat released her debut full-length Heavy Metal Princess, with a cadre of guests ranging from Maxi Glamour to Robyn DaCultyre. The album came as a culmination of over a year’s worth of singles, as well as loads of performances, both live-streamed and in-person, serving as the ascension to the mantle the album’s title suggests.

Not content with lying low, and without the opportunity to do much in the way of touring, Bea has announced a new EP coming early in 2021. Titled SX3, the four-track extended play is due out on February 1st, 2021, and serves as an extension of Heavy Metal Princess.

The track listing reads as follows:

1. Synthetic Syber Slut

2. Vagina Dentata

3. Sludge (ft. Coco X)

4. Fuck Me (LYDLM)

In the weeks and months since the release of Heavy Metal Princess, though, Bea has done anything but lie low. She’s released a new original song “ISUTWH,” another political satire song regarding the current administration, as well as a remix of Amanda Lepore’s viral video, urging her fans “Don’t Die of Coronavirus.” Bea has also guest starred on Alexis T’Ziah Mills’ “Horror Movie” and produced Coco X’s song “Back 2 Hell.”

Stream Heavy Metal Princess and see what Bea has been up to since in the videos below:


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