Bea Brat Grits Her Teeth On New Single "Vagina Dentata," Music Video Coming This Friday

Though the release of her EP SX3 has been delayed, the monster pop star that is Bea Brat is doing anything but laying low. In the dead of winter we had the sexually-charged “Sludge” featuring Coco X, and now we have exhibit B of the impending follow-up to Heavy Metal Princess.

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“Vagina Dentata” is a bass-heavy biter of a track, standing on its own as one of the most unique tracks in Bea’s catalog thus far. She sings rather than raps in a section later in the track, with the production leaning even heavier into the electro/EBM style she flirted with on the album. If this is the “new era” Bea was referring to on her Twitter, I am all about it.

A music video co-starring Hazel Lush and directed by Austin McKee is due out this Friday, and a teaser has been let loose ahead of this release:

In the meantime, stream “Vagina Dentata” below: