Bea Brat Handles the Infestation of "Ratz" On New Track

Drag duchess and activist Bea Brat is just one week away from taking the throne, as her debut album Heavy Metal Princess drops next Friday, October 23rd. This summer we got two versions of “911,” the latter of which featured RuPaul’s Drag Race alumna Yvie Oddly. Now, with the help of Chaseicon, Bea is taking on the “Ratz” in her latest single.

Not that we needed the warning, but in the intro, Bea warns the listener that “this song is not for kids.” This is before slashing her way through her opening bars with her monotone delivery, only with an intensity, meter, and fury that has become the standard since “Anarchy Princess” earlier this year. At just two minutes and change, this track is a short sharp shock of electronic music, with an urgency about it that begs to shake things up, whether on the stage or in the club.

Bea explained in an interview with yours truly that the name “Ratz” came out of a joke she made to friends, that that would be the name for her fans, even though the collectivizing of a fanbase can be seen as reductive. Given this track, maybe she has some ulterior motives with some of her fans, and that’s not for us to judge. What is for us to judge is that I, for one, cannot wait until Heavy Metal Princess hits streaming services next Friday.

Listen to the infectious track “Ratz” featuring Chaseicon:


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