Bea Brat Releases "911" Remix Featuring Former 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Champion Yvie Oddly

Earlier this month, Bea Brat and her co-conspirators lit up the sky with a wild satirical track in “911.” With bouncy beats, a chorus that will stick with you, though singing it to yourself at work might get the wrong kind of attention from HR, and a socially conscious message regarding police brutality, it is the Columbus native’s strongest track to date.

But just when we thought the bacon couldn’t get any crispier, enter Yvie Oddly, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 champion, to lend a verse to the track, taking the place of Bea’s first verse in the original mix. Oddly pulls zero punches and gives even fewer fucks, as she goes from name-dropping Shameless actress Emmy Rossum one line, then references killing Nazis the next. If the track was fire as is (and believe me, it was), then Yvie was an aerosol can thrown into the flames.

Stream the new version of “911” featuring Yvie Oddly, as well as Ricky Whatever, Shanita Bump, and Neurotika Killz below: