Bea Brat's "911" Gets a Music Video, Fueled By The Message of Black Lives Matter

Friendly reminder, in case you’ve forgotten, or if your social media feeds have returned to some state of normalcy, that black lives fucking matter.

Now, with that said, Bea Brat has unveiled her video treatment for her upbeat and upfront “911.” Directed by Kamaeyes, Bea Brat, and Robyn DaCultyre, the Anarchy Princess herself has snatched the chaotic crown on this one. All that can be said about the song itself has been said, but this video is jam-packed with a scathing satirical look at the issue of police brutality in our world.

The last minute or so sees footage from various protests in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Elijah McClain, among so many others. Even if the music video portion is satire, the last minute is hard to watch, and yet it must be seen.

The artist herself puts the message behind her latest work best:

“I want people to be able to listen to pop music and do regular-day activities, like ‘Let’s listen to a Bea Brat song, or a drag queen song,’ or whatever they want to call it. And I want them to not be able to escape the realities of this world. I’m not trying to get clout out of it or make it a trend. This song is so electro and cool to me, and it would be so cool to play it at a place. I mean, yeah, COVID, but imagine hearing it at a club or an everyday place and reminding me that ‘black lives fucking matter’ and we need to keep fighting for that. I don’t want it to be about me at the end of the day.”

And for those who may have read this far and are wondering why a musician and drag performer is getting political, I urge you to get a clue. Instead of wondering why there is a revolution happening around us, perhaps be grateful that your kind didn’t require an uprising of this level to be seen or heard.

Watch the music video for “911” below: