Bea Brat Shoots First Before Calling "911"

Third time's the charm, indeed.

Bea Brat has tore it up from the floor up this year, between her new version of “Pretty” featuring Aja and “Anarchy Princess.” Now, the Columbus native is doubling down on the madness of her previous single, unleashing “911,” an up-tempo, socio-politically charged bop featuring the help of three co-conspirators: NYC monster Shanita Bump, Neurotika Killz (drag child of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 champion Yvie Oddly), and producer Ricky Whatever.

Bea’s first verse starts off with a chuckle-inducing couple of lines: “I’m the kind of girl a fuckin’ favorite / Especially when I’m in the kitchen, cookin’ bacon.” From there, her fire-spitting doesn’t let up, even around two-thirds of the way in. There, the track takes a synthwave approach in the bridge, without sacrificing any of the vitriol behind the message. Hearing a soulful uttering of “fuck the police” has rarely been this satisfying aurally.

The track is streaming now, with a music video promised to us very soon. See below for a teaser.